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Armadillo survives by sleeping up to 16 hours per day, then at night foraging for bugs, worms, slugs, frogs and lizards but they will also take advantage of road kill that no one else has claimed for an easy meal.


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Its name comes from the noise this armadillo makes when handled or threatened, and it also goes by several names, including the screaming armadillo, the dwarf screaming armadillo (due to its small size), the crying armadillo, and the small hairy armadillo. The last type of armadillo that you might happen upon as a pet is the big hairy armadillo, which is the largest of the three pet species.

Armadillos are generally solitary creatures—in the wild, they only socialize to mate and to raise their young. Therefore, keeping multiple armadillos together can lead to clashes. They are often active at night and need room to roam; cover eight acres of roaming in their territory when out in the wild. They require deep soil to burrow in, along with insects to forage.

If raised in a human environment from a young age, pet armadillos can actually be quite affectionate and calm. However, even a tame armadillo raised in captivity from birth can do some damage to you or your flooring material with its sharp claws as it tries to dig for bugs. Additionally, they can walk on their hind legs, using only their front claws to aid them in balancing. While it may seem fun to make your armadillo curl up in a ball, that’s actually a defensive posture for the animal and indicates that it’s under duress.

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Much like their cousins the sloths and anteaters, armadillos eat insects and small invertebrates like earthworms. If given the chance, armadillos will also eat fruit, eggs, sweet potatoes, and other small vegetables. If you keep an armadillo in an appropriate enclosure, it will use its strong front digging claws to find much of its own food. Check with your exotic animal veterinarian for specific foods to provide your armadillo. Like any pet, armadillos also need constant access to fresh, clean, and clear, non-chlorinated water.

Armadillos have a slow metabolism so some people worry that their pets aren’t eating enough—however, your pet most likely has a normal appetite. They also don’t have many teeth, so if they are eating something other than worms and insects, it must be made soft.

Armadillos are one of the few animals known to carry the bacteria that causes leprosy in humans, though cases of bacterial transmission are rare. Little is known about other diseases that are a threat to armadillos, however, they can also transmit rabies.

Veterinary care is hard to find for these unique animals. Note that armadillos are prone to frostbite due to their slow metabolism. It may be hard even for a veterinarian to spot signs of frostbite on an animal whose outer layering is structured to keep most of its soft tissue hidden.


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