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Baby Elongated Tortoise



 Elongated tortoises grow to roughly 12 inches long and 7 pounds in weight as adults. Females tend to be wider than males and appear more rounded …


Baby Elongated Tortoise

Baby Elongated Tortoise is a light yellow colored tortoise that comes from parts of South and Southeast Asia. These medium sized tortoises can get up to 12 inches long and weigh as much as 7 pounds and are gentle creatures that can be hard to find in the pet trade. Our baby Elongated tortoises for sale are healthy, captive bred and born specimens raised under optimum conditions.

The world of reptiles is filled with a myriad of fascinating creatures, each with its own unique charm and characteristics. One such enchanting inhabitant is the Baby Elongated Tortoise (Indotestudo elongata), a captivating species that captivates both reptile enthusiasts and casual observers alike. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the intricate details of this marvelous creature, from its distinctive appearance to its habitat, care requirements, and intriguing behaviors.

Appearance and Features

The Baby Elongated Tortoise is a sight to behold, with its elongated shell and intricate patterns adorning its back. This small-sized tortoise exhibits colors ranging from earthy browns to vibrant yellows, making it a true gem in the world of reptiles. Its shell, which can reach up to 10 inches in length, features distinct ridges that add to its unique charm. The limbs of the Baby Elongated Tortoise are equipped with strong claws, a testament to its terrestrial lifestyle. These captivating features make the tortoise a standout species that commands attention.

Habitat and Distribution

Native to the tropical and subtropical regions of Southeast Asia, the Baby Elongated Tortoise finds its home in diverse environments ranging from forests to grasslands. Countries such as India, Bangladesh, Myanmar, and Thailand serve as its natural habitat. The tortoise’s adaptability to different ecosystems has contributed to its widespread distribution.

Care and Husbandry

Enclosure Setup

Creating a suitable habitat for a Baby Elongated Tortoise requires careful consideration of its needs. A spacious enclosure, preferably outdoors, should mimic its natural surroundings. Provide ample hiding spots using rocks, logs, and plants, allowing the tortoise to exhibit its natural behaviors.

Temperature and Lighting

Maintaining the right temperature and lighting is crucial for the well-being of your Baby Elongated Tortoise. Basking areas with a heat source should be provided, along with a UVB lamp to ensure proper calcium absorption. A temperature gradient ranging from 80 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit should be maintained, allowing the tortoise to regulate its body temperature effectively.

Diet and Nutrition

The Baby Elongated Tortoise is primarily herbivorous, with a diet consisting of various leafy greens, vegetables, and fruits. Providing a well-balanced and calcium-rich diet is essential for its growth and overall health. Regular supplementation of calcium and vitamins is recommended to prevent deficiencies.

Intriguing Behaviors

The behaviors of the Baby Elongated Tortoise are nothing short of captivating. Despite their slow movement, these tortoises exhibit distinct personalities. They are often observed foraging for food, using their strong claws to manipulate and grasp leaves. Basking under the sun is another common sight, aiding in thermoregulation.

Breeding and Reproduction

Breeding the Baby Elongated Tortoise in captivity requires careful planning and attention to detail. Providing a suitable nesting area is essential, where the female can lay her eggs. Incubation should occur in a controlled environment with proper humidity and temperature. Baby tortoises hatch after several months, ready to embark on their own journey.


In the captivating realm of reptiles, the Baby Elongated Tortoise stands out as a remarkable and alluring species. Its unique appearance, habitat requirements, and behaviors make it a true gem for reptile enthusiasts. By understanding and respecting its needs, we can provide these enchanting creatures with the care and attention they deserve, ensuring their well-being for generations to come.


1. How long does the Baby Elongated Tortoise live?

The Baby Elongated Tortoise has an impressive lifespan, often living for 40 to 60 years or even longer when provided with proper care and a suitable environment.

2. Are Baby Elongated Tortoises good pets for beginners?

While these tortoises have a captivating allure, they may not be the best choice for beginners due to their specific care requirements and long lifespan. Proper research and commitment are essential before bringing one into your home.

3. Can I keep multiple Baby Elongated Tortoises together?

While it is possible to house multiple tortoises together, it’s important to provide ample space and monitor their interactions. Aggression and stress can occur if proper space and resources are not provided for each individual tortoise.



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