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British shorthair cats are some of the most adorable and sweetest kitties on the planet. So why does it feel like we hear so little about them on a day-to-day basis? If you ask us, it’s high time we appreciated British shorthairs for the dynamic little companions they are.


British Shorthair For Sale

British Shorthair Kitten is native to England. With the rise of cat shows during the Victorian era, cat fanciers began to breed the cats to a particular standard and keep pedigrees for them.

Golden British Shorthair

This is a rare color. It is difficult to breed and many breeders call it “whimsical.” It happens very often that a kitten born black changes its coat color to chocolate with age. … The eyes are copper, orange or golden color.

Stunning British Shorthair

We simply cannot get enough of British shorthair cats’ eyes. Of course, it goes without saying that all cats’ peepers are beautiful in their own way. But there’s something particularly stunning about the British shorthair’s eyes.


Female, Male, Pair


One, Pair

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