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Egyptian Fruit Bat



The ears of the Egyptian Fruit Bat are long and pointed. They have eyes that are large and dark. The snout area of these bats looks very similar to that of a canine.


Egyptian Fruit Bat

Egyptian Fruit Bat is a smaller type of bat with a length of about six inches. However, they have a large wing span of about two feet. They also have a weight of less than half a pound. The males are larger and they have a very prominent scrotal sack that is used to tell them from the females. They have a light brown color on the body and then darker brown on the wings.

During the day the Egyptian Fruit Bat will spend time grooming and sleeping. They roost in caves and deep in the forest areas where it is dark. They can create very large colonies with often more than 1,000 members. They will stay very close to each other for safety and for warmth. They sleep upside down with their wings folded in across them.


Female, Male, Pair


One, Pair

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