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You may have heard the Kinkajou called by the more popular name of Honey Bear. They are very small in size so they are often mistaken for either Ferrets or a species of Monkey. They are very closely related to Raccoons.



Kinkajou is quite small with their weight from 3 to 10 pounds. They can be up to 24 inches long. Their tail can be up to another 22 inches in length for them. They have a coat of fur that is thick and has a wooly texture to it. The coloring can range from light brown to grayish. They also have an undercoat that is gray. The ears are very small but it features large eyes. They have short but powerful legs with five toes on each. They also have very sharp claws.

The eating habits of the Kinkajou involve them walking around with fruits, berries, and plant life. As a result they play a vital role in the process of dispersing seeds around the rainforest. This type of action helps to ensure that there will be future growth of food for them and other living creatures to be able to survive on.


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