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Specializing in hand raised, tame and healthy Lemur babies. Pick-up in Kingsbury TX or transportation available. Lemur babies for sale in Texas.


 Lemur For Sale

Ring Tailed Lemur has a body that is gray and black. They are well recognized for the distinct gray and black rings around the lemur. This tail can be extremely long. They are only found around the Island of Madagascar. They are social creatures and they live in groups of 30 or more.

is a type of primate. It is omnivorous and the most terrestrial of lemurs. They are very vocal and can be heard for long distances making sounds. They do all they can to identify each other, to warn of dangers, and to keep harmony in the group.

We do not recommend lemurs as pets to inexperienced exotic animal owners.Lemurs have razor sharp teeth, and the wounds they inflict often need professional medical attention. We do not recommend them for households with children or elderly, as those are typically their go-to victims. Many ring-tailed lemurs attack their owners even. And remember… lemurs live up to 30 years in captivity! Be prepared for this commitment!

Some ways to reduce the likelihood of your ring-tailed lemur from becoming aggressive include:

  • Raising them in a more “hands off” method. After the hand-feeding stage, allow them to roam free in a large outdoor enclosure rather than living indoors with humans 24/7.

  • Raising them in a troop setting. Get two or more lemurs to raise together.

If you won’t do either of the 2 methods above, then make sure you have a backup plan when (not if) your lemur starts attacking people. A large outdoor enclosure for them to live out the rest of their lives, and with at least one other ring-tailed lemur companion.

Ruffed lemurs are far more likely to remain docile and will remain gentle and handleable as adults.


Lemur For Sale

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