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Ocelots are also, in comparison to the other wild cats, more challenging to maintain as pets. Unlike the more relatively social cats, ocelots will not pay attention to disciplinary commands and have a pungent odor.


Ocelot Pet For Sale

Ocelot Pet have large glassy eyes and beautiful markings, making their appeal as a pet obvious.

ocelots will not pay attention to disciplinary commands and have a pungent odor.

Cute and Lovely Ocelot kittens ready for sale. All our kittens are hand raised and bottle fed. They are up-to date with all their worming and age appropriate vaccines.

We guarantee your Ocelot kitten will come well socialized, litter-box trained, & ready to be a member of your family. They are also TICA registered. Each kitten comes complete with papers, 1 year health guarantee, toys and other accessories.


Size: body length 0.8-1.3 m, tail 31-40 cm, shoulder height 40-50 cm.
Weight: male 13-16 kg; female 10-12 kg.
Lifespan: up to 18 years in nature, up to 25 years in captivity.
Breeding season: throughout the year, with the peak in June-October.
Puberty: females after 18 months, males after 24 months.
Pregnancy: lasts 75-80 days.
Litter: 1-2 kittens. Newborns have soft rare fur. They open their eyes after 15-18 days. Lactation lasts up to 7 weeks.

For many years, the ocelot was an endangered animal and strict regulations were put into place restricting the sale, transport, keeping, and hunting of the species. However, global populations began to flourish, and the ocelot was moved up to the IUCN Red List conservation rating of least concern. That said, the population trend is currently decreasing, so it’s unclear what the future holds for the ocelot.

When the ocelot was an endangered species, selling, hunting, owning, or transporting one was highly illegal. Today, the ocelot is no longer an endangered species, though they are a protected species in many places. This means that it’s much harder to keep an ocelot than a standard domestic pet like a house cat.

In some places, owning an ocelot is completely legal. Other jurisdictions have strict laws surrounding keeping them as pets. You might be required to get permits or pay fees in order to do so. But some places have outright banned them as pets, including Alaska and New England. If you decide that owning an ocelot is right for you, then you’ll want to make sure to do some thorough research into the legality of keeping an ocelot as a pet where you live.


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