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Tropicana Macaw



The care and breeding is they need a roomy cage and need to be let out for extended periods of time to be on a pen to prevent boredness and also eat all kinds of nutrition things like seeds, fruits, nuts, and all vegetables.


Tropicana Macaw For Sale

Tropicana Macaw Both parents contribute the offspring but the father has the dominant final appearance. The tropicana macaw is second generation one being the harelquin macaw Blue and gold macaw and green winged macaw and the other the scarlet. They come in rainbow colors. Sometimes all the siblings will have different colors. They are different shades of red on head an body and etchings of green and blue. Yellow, pinks, purples can come even through the play of wings and tail. They are tempered than a scarlet macaw or a catalina macaw, but not as green winged macaw. Size is smaller than the green winged macaw.


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